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Called & Gifted?

Each of us is created uniquely by God, in our time and place, for a purpose. When we understand and allow ourselves to be aligned with that purpose we are energised and fulfilled; and God’s love and provision is able to flow more freely exactly where it is needed, through our spiritual gifts (charisms). Called and Gifted is the discernment process that helps us unlock our story, understand our gifts (charisms) and discover our unique mission.

The Three Stages

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3

the small groups


One full day learning about charisms and the language of spiritual gifts discernment, with time to take an inventory to kick-start the discernment process.

'The clearest & most extensive account of the charisms that I have heard.'


'The best part of the day was the practical lived examples & sharing of stories; it was really inspirational listening to testimonies.'


'Makes us think about what God is really calling us to on our personal mission rather than what we would like to do, or feel we ought to do . Makes me really want to find out what path I should follow.'


Unlocking your story with a trained facilitator to see where when you feel most fully alive; to look for patterns in the way The Holy Spirit seems most likely to collaborate with you for the greater good.

'The conversation flowed freely. I felt able to discuss my thoughts and feelings. The interviewer had very good listening and encouragement skills.'

'The interviewer was fantastic and guided me gently through my potential charisms. Very powerful session.'


'I enjoyed it! I think it was valuable to have this opportunity to talk about me and my charisms in a non-judgemental way.'

The Small Groups

Prayerful support and team accompaniment to assist you as you explore one charism in real situations in your life. Do you feel joyful? Are the effects above and beyond normal expectations?

'Our group went very well.  Lovely, relaxed and informal atmosphere.  Everyone was very open and happy to share and there was lots of useful, helpful and supportive feedback.'

'Everyone is definitely on a journey and having the process made us more focused and gave a sense of impetus.  We have decided we will continue to meet monthly.'

'Our group has been amazing! To hear how God is working in other people’s lives has been a real privilege.  We have all gained much more courage to go out there and be braver in what we do for God.'

Our next Event:

St Edwards, Windsor

March 14th 2020


Through Called & Gifted there are a large number of intercessors who have discerned the charism of intercessory prayer, acting as channels of God's love and deliverance to reach those in need. These intercessors pray each day for the diocese and the needs of many individuals. We invite you to call forth their charism  by sending an anonymous prayer request.

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