By Aba Shields - November 17th, 2022 | Posted in News No comments

As 2022 draws to a close our Marriage and Family Life Team has been reviewing their Breakthrough programme. This is a four-hour workshop particularly useful for married couples. This workshop offers couples the opportunity to overcome ‘gridlock’ in their communication.

Feedback from participants from the 2022 course said:

‘More people should be made aware of this workshop to help marriages’.

‘Please keep up the good work. Absolutely brilliant’.

‘Thank you so much and thank you to the wonderful caterers for their sacrifice and service to others today. God bless you all’

‘I needed to come for some personal deliverance and reflection’

‘This workshop should be ongoing and advertised in many parishes’

‘Gave us time together to reflect’

‘Opened my eyes to my shortcomings and how I can make my marriage better’

‘…will it be possible for couples to share their experiences or ask questions’

‘Parish newsletters, a word from the Parish Priest after Mass and word of mouth’ should be used to promote the workshop’

‘I am interested in mentoring engaged couples’

‘There needs to be more publicity for this workshop…it has opened my eyes to many mistakes I make daily in my relationship with my spouse and children.’

‘It could be more interactive…more room for sharing from participants…input from participants

Good job, continue to bless homes…please come again’

The current economic crisis will have repercussions on married couples and their families. The breakthrough course could be a real gift for spouses who do NOT even need to attend the workshop together. For more information or to book your place on Breakthrough 2023, please contact