The Priestly Vocations Team

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Canon Gerard Flynn

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Fr John Cooke

Who is the Priest?

The mission of a priest is to stand in the local community as the “Icon of Christ”, serving their particular needs and proclaiming the Gospel.

Those called to the diocesan priesthood are usually attracted to the vocation through a desire to serve the People of God in the local parish, The Priest makes Christ present to them in the Sacraments of the Church.

About the Priesthood

Early in the process of discernment, it is helpful to begin to read more broadly about the Priesthood and what it entails. Three books which are recommended to all Portsmouth Seminarians are:


To Save a thousand Souls

by Fr Brett A. Brannen

To Save a Thousand Souls is a guide for men considering the priesthood. Many regard it as the standard “catechism for discernment,” with Bishop Barron calling is a “classic of the genre."


Generations of Priests

by Thomas McGovern

This book illustrates the richness of the Catholic priesthood by reference to the lives of ten men who, at different stages in history, committed themselves fully to follow Christ as laborers in His vineyard.

Priest is not his own

The Priest is not His Own

by Ven. Fulton J Sheen

Archbishop Sheen's writing on the High Priesthood of Christ shared by his Priests, in which the priest both offers the sacrifice and is the sacrifice which is offered.

Meet Our Seminarians

Each of our current seminarians came to us at a different point in his life, and they all have very different experiences from each other.
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Rev Anthony Fyk

Transitional Deacon - Venerable English College, Rome

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Rev Paul Nwune

Transitional Deacon - St John's Seminary, Wonersh

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James Lewis

Fifth Year - Allen Hall, London

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Edward Hauschild

Fourth Year - Venerable English College, Rome

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David Bateman

Fourth Year - St Mary's College, Oscott

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Ambrose Chou

Third Year - St Mary's College, Oscott

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Ryan Browne

Second Year - Venerable English College, Rome

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Jack Ryan

First Year - Venerable English College, Rome

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Ryan Hawkes

First Year - Venerable English College, Rome

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Farvin Gonsalves

First Year - St Mary's College, Oscott

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Tom Hiney

First Year - Pontifical Beda College, Rome

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Francis Ezeani

Propaedeutic Year - Sacred Heart, Fareham

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Nathan King

Propaedeutic Year - Sacred Heart, Fareham