By Bishop Philip Egan - December 14th, 2022 | Posted in News No comments

A message to Jersey In light of the tragedies over the last week, written to Canon Dominic Golding and the people of Jersey.

Dear Canon Dominic,

I was shocked and very saddened to learn yesterday of the explosion in a block of flats near you in Jersey and the consequent loss of life. This tragedy follows on from other sad news of late, not least the loss of the fishing boat crew. I wish to express to you, to brother clergy, to the faithful of the parish and also through you to everyone in the Jersey community, my sincerest sympathy. Indeed, the clergy and faithful of our Diocese of Portsmouth offer our prayers for those who have died, and prayers for the injured and for those whose livelihoods have been damaged. The emergency services have done a magnificent job and they too are in our prayers to the Lord at this time.

This tragedy has an added poignancy in that it has occurred during the joyful season of Advent, when we open our hearts to welcome Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, celebrating with thanks His coming into the world. Let us all turn to Him now with trust, asking His mercy and consolation. I also invoke the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, that She may assist all those who in whatever way are suffering.

Again, my sympathy and the assurance of my prayers for you.

In Corde Iesu,


Bishop of Portsmouth