Don Bosco

Portsmouth Diocese Don Bosco Camp:
Sunday 28th July – Saturday 3rd August 2019

Bosco Camp provides an opportunity for SECONDARY AGED BOYS (at least finishing Yr 7 in that July) to have an exciting, activity-packed camping holiday in a safe but challenging countryside setting.


The camp site is currently based in the grounds of St Cassians, a retreat centre in the village of Kintbury, between Newbury and Hungerford. The majority of the facilities of this retreat centre are made available to us. These modern indoor facilities are essential for us to host camp each year, especially with the surprises the British summer can bring us.


We are a Catholic camp and a Mass or service is held each day, but a Bosco Mass can be a very different experience for some and can help reinvigorate faith or challenge cynicism.


The boys get a really good introduction to a balanced Christian adult life, and some opportunities they may not get anywhere else.


In all cases we try to create an environment where they are respected and encouraged, so that they discover new talents in themselves.


Download the Bosco Camp Poster here


On Sun 24th February, 2-4pm, St. Peter’s, Winchester, Portsmouth Diocese Don Bosco Camp will be hosting our first “Bosco Experience” for any boys of secondary school age 


Download the Bosco Experience Poster here


Contact us today to enquire about future Don Bosco Camps and we can help keep you informed in the lead up to the Camp in Summer







"Kintbury is beautiful ... being there has given me a sense of inner peace and real happiness."


St Cassians Centre, Kintbury

If you come to join us you will not find television or newspapers but you will encounter a sincere friendliness, and discover the ideal environment for reflection and finding a purpose, a vocation, perhaps considering novel directions with the help of God, in prayer and working and living together as a community, whilst also having loads of fun.


The site is set in over forty acres of Berkshire countryside and is owned and funded by The De La Salle Brothers and in conjunction with the permanent on site staff, the Camp Leaders are made up of volunteers, from various ways of life, all of whom are fully trained and checked to ensure the safety of all on site.







What People Are Saying

"My son always comes back a different boy after camp, refreshed, energised and joyous”

"The Leaders are brilliant, everyone gets on and we have so much fun in just one week”

"I wish I could come more than once a year”

The Camp

THE BOYS live in tents, in groups of less than ten and the entire week is taken up with a full programme of planned and supervised activities.


Activities include football, cricket, swimming (supervised in a local pool), problem solving, table tennis, and many other games, in year gone by these have included climbing, archery (instructor led) and laser quest team events, building up to a crescendo of Sports Day on the final Friday afternoon.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, and all activities are also included in the cost.
There is also a Tuck Shop for the purchasing of sweets and treats, and trips out to buy souvenirs, gifts or postcards.









Camp Ethos

The Don Bosco camp is inspired by the life and work of St John Bosco.


Fr John Bosco was an Italian priest (hence Don Bosco) who worked with young people who were orphans or who had left difficult family situations and ended up on the streets.


John Bosco believed that there was no such thing as a bad child, only bad circumstances, and he worked hard to give children a place to play, and to learn to trust again.


In the same spirit, we welcome lots of children to the St John Bosco camp, some of whom will not have any other summer holiday.


For some children it may be that they are in difficult family circumstances where both they and their families need extra support and help. Others come on camp just for the joy of the experience.






Don Bosco Says

"Young people must not only be loved; but they must know they are loved. He who knows he is loved and he who loves, obtains everything, especially from the young."







Contact us today to enquire about future Don Bosco Camps and we can help keep you informed in the lead up to the Camp in Summer


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