Science or Religion? A Symposium

Winchester, Saturday 3rd November 2018

Bishop WELCOME and INTRO to Symposium

 inc brief history of science/religion and Catholic view on relationship of faith/reason.


Interview with Bishop Philip Egan 



KEYNOTE 1 Brian Cox


Interview with Brian Cox




KEYNOTE 2 Dr. Andrew Pinsent: Does Recent Research on the Universe suggest the Existence of a Creator? 

Listen to the talk:

Interview with Father Andrew Pinsent





1. Christianity and Extra-Terrestrial Life. Rev. Bernard Barrett, theologian


2. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Prof. Maria Burke, Professor of Management, Winchester University

Listen to the talk:


3. Quantum Physics and the Quantum Physicist. Dr. Vincenzo Tamma, Senior Lecturer in Physics, University of Portsmouth


4. Is Consciousness immortal? Dr. Andrew Beards, Academic Director, School of the Annunciation, Buckfast

 Listen to the talk:


5. In the light of evolutionary psychology, can humans have free will? Dr. Rebecca Page-Tickell, Business Psychologist, Hampshire Business School


6. In the light of current medical advances, could people live forever? Dr. John Ochai, Urologist, St Maryʼs Hospital, Ryde


Panel Discussion (All the speakers)


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