Service level agreement

Following detailed consultation by a working party of headteachers and the Department for Schools, a Service Level Agreement between the schools and the Diocesan Department for Schools was established in February 2003, updated for April 2006 and again for 2009.


The Service Level Agreement itemises two categories of service:


Category 1 Services comprise the core functions carried out by the Department for Schools on behalf of the Bishop, ie advice and support to schools in the areas of their Catholic life, leadership, management and governance.


Category 2 Services include additional support and courses in leadership, management and staff development.

In joining the Service Level Agreement schools agree to part fund 'Category 1 Services'. The basic charge to each school is determined:


  • for primary schools, on a sliding scale according to numbers on roll;
  • for secondary schools, on a sliding scale according to numbers on roll, with an additional base element.

A range of services specified 'Category 2' are made available to schools on a 'buy as you need' basis.

By joining together in this way, the community of Catholic schools in the diocese is ensuring a high quality service of advice and support for all schools in the key aspects of their work as Catholic schools


Full text of the Service Level Agreement





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