“Each own admission authority school must show on its website all the information a parent needs to understand the school’s arrangements. If, for example, the school has a catchment area for which a map is necessary to understand the limits, a parent must be able to know exactly what the area is without having to go to the school to look at a map or ask the school to send a copy.”                                                                                                                    Office of the Schools Adjudicator annual report 2013-14


Some schools’ admission policies give higher priority to Baptised Catholic children resident in a local parish or parishes. Parents therefore need to know if they are living in that parish. If their policy refers to parishes, then schools can refer to the attached information. Since in some cases, boundaries and indeed names of parishes have altered since 1986, schools will need to use the document “Changes to parish boundaries” in order make it clear for parents what the current boundaries of the parishes are.


Schools can download the appropriate map of the deanery from the 1986 booklet and draw in the boundaries and upload it onto their website. They can refer parents to the booklet or copy the appropriate section if there are no changes e.g. parish name, boundaries and the road names referred to have not changed.  Schools can refer parents to the booklet by putting a link to this page and explain any changes, for example: “The parish areas referred to in our policy are covered by Sections DO5:1 (page 13 The Annunciation) and DO:5:6 (page 14 Saint Edmund Campion)“ and explain any road name changes.


We hope that a central digital map will be available in the future.



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