NFP- Natural Fertility Planning

Now both of them were naked the man and his wife, but they felt no shame before each other’ Gen 2;25

Thanks to the many fertility apps available, contemporary families have countless choices. The fertility awareness scheme on offer, is an opportunity for couples to understand further the physiology of their bodies, in the joy of the total gift of self, in marriage. The scientifically proven methods proposed to couples to plan their families are being used successfully by many families and being increasingly sought after, for health reasons amongst others. The initiative proposed here simply adds to the many choices already available which allows families to make informed decisions.


NFP Workshops 

Wednesday 28th February 2018 - 6.30-9.00 pm

Wednesday 28th March 2018 - 6.30-9.00 pm

Wednesday 25th  April 2018 - 6.30-9.00 pm 

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - 6.30-9.00 pm


An opportunity to learn how to complement your Fertility App, understand & work with, your body. NFP – a Practical way of life, either for achieving pregnancy, the menopausal years, or the time in between. Workshops : Sympto Thermal & Creighton Model.


Venue: St Michael’s & All Angels – Leigh Park


Background Information

Fertility Care uses the Creighton Model. This model is also about monitoring your gynaecological health. The Creighton chart is a diagnostic tool. Ideally, all women should chart from about aged 16. Some gynaecological problems can be detected, whilst they get to know their bodies & appreciate their natural physiology early.

Resource Persons: an NFP teacher, a qualified Nurse & a Doctor.

Kindly RSVP to Aba by  7thFebruary 2018.





NFP Teacher Training

  • 6 sessions - Saturdays (10-5pm) & Sundays (11h30 – 4h30 pm)-St Michael’s Leigh Park –

RSVP  to Aba at by 01/03/ 2018



Dates for Training Course

12th/13th May 2018

7th/8th July 218

8th/9th September 2018



Keen to run a pilot scheme in your parish, just contact


Period Piece is the brainchild of modern historian Alana Harris who is based at King’s College London. Harris wanted to explore the natural rhythms of women’s bodies and how people try to control them by working with them or using technology to manipulate them. She is particularly struck that the efforts of previous generations to control women’s reproduction – whether through basic technology such as condoms or a more complex, chemical methods such as the pill – are being increasingly rejected by young people, who are turning to fertility apps, which monitor temperature changes in the body caused by ovulation. “The pill was once seen as liberation for women,” said Harris, “but my students are turning their back on it, concerned about its impact on their physical and mental health. It’s part of a new focus on clean eating and living.”



An amazing video on life from conception to birth using the newest x-ray scanning technology, which won these guys the Nobel Peace Prize. This is a video that every person should see.

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