Mentor Couple Training Days

It’s a Hattrick !!!


Thanks to the sheer generosity and Charism of serving from Married Couples, the Smart Loving Marriage Preparation programme in Portsmouth Diocese, grows.


Our Parish Priest prays for us on our journey with Engaged Couples. We consider this to be our Blessing no.1.


How it works? The beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage is unravelled, and as Mentor Couples, we share our own miracles and struggles.


Over a seven-week period, we present to our Engaged Couples. It’s a relaxed minor ‘seminary’ experience. As Mentor Couples, we fly our kite about the passion we have for each other, and the joys of our married life, amidst the obligatory challenges. We admit we try to cooperate with God’s grace (not always easy). Yet, we have made our Marriage, our Mission. Sacramental Marriage is a path to happiness & holiness. Hopefully we inspire and enthuse our Engaged Couples! - Blessing no 2.


Married couples admit that, the Sacramental Marriage preparation programme is a gift and a half for themselves. This is because whilst we (married couples) serve Engaged Couples, as Mentors, we too must examine our own Marriage to remain authentic. As Mentor Couples, we draw from God’s Word on Marriage, rely on the Teaching of the Church and the Saints.- Blessing no 3


It’s a hattrick of a Blessing!


Mentor Couples undergo Ongoing Formation which includes a Training Day. Formation begins with a Marriage & Family Life Seminar, followed by a Loving4Life Retreat. Practising a presentation from a selected number of topics is a must.  Below are some photos of our Mentor Couple Training Day. Our next Marriage & Family Life Seminar is on the 10th of November, in Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception – Stubbington - Sign up Sheets in Stubbington & Sacred Heart - Fareham.


For more information visit our website and or email Aba Shields :







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