Page 4 - Framework for Collaboration - October 2016
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Vicariates also represent three dynamically interrelated strands of Christian
discipleship, animated by the Holy Spirit: call - formation - mission. Inspired by the
Holy Spirit, the call of the disciple leads him/her to formation in the life and teaching
of Christ, and this in turn leads to him/her being sent out on mission. This suggests
that in the Framework, there is a direction of travel, from left to right, with the outcome
in evangelisation. Yet evangelisation is always two-way: outreach ad extra impels a
disciple to reach inwards ad intra and vice versa. These dialectical tensions orientate
the Framework and infuse the curia with dynamism, to be both top-down and trans-
directional, to be collaborative both vertically within each Vicariate, and to engage
horizontally across the Vicariates in common projects and enterprises.

The Coordinator of the Framework
The Bishop appoints a Coordinator of the Framework, whose role is to deliver, manage,
lead and develop the Framework for Collaboration on behalf of the Bishop and the
EVs. The Coordinator of the Framework works closely with the EVs to establish and
populate teams, to recruit, train and manage volunteers, to ensure team-compliance
with policy-directives, to supervise budgeting arrangements, to encourage cross-
Framework collaboration, to ensure accurate reporting structures and
communications, and to advise and propose bespoke solutions to the Bishop and EVs
subject always to applicable terms of reference and Diocesan Operating Procedures
and policies approved from time to time by the Trustees with the consent of the

The Trustees
The Diocese of Portsmouth is a Registered Charity in English and Wales under civil
law. Chaired by the Bishop, the Trustees have responsibility for ensuring that the
activity of the diocese complies fully with charity law and civil law in all areas, for
example, administration of resources (finance and property), safeguarding
and personnel issues. The Trustees are a balance of clergy and laity bringing a range
of professional expertise and experience to the task and are appointed under the terms
of the principal Diocesan Trust Deed and of policies adopted by the Trustees with the
consent of the Bishop for the appointment and induction of Trustees. In the diocese
the Trustees also fulfil the role of the Diocesan Finance Council as required by Canon
Law. Working closely with the Bishop, the Trustees ensure that the work of the diocese
complies fully with the purposes of the charity stated in its Trust Deeds.

The Secretary to the Trustees
In civil law the Diocese is a registered charity. The Secretary to the Trustees is
appointed by the Trustees to provide guidance and advice in fulfilling their
responsibility of ensuring that all resources available are administrated prudently
within the terms of the governing trust deed, policies, terms of reference and the like,
and in particular the Diocesan Operating Procedures, and to ensure compliance with
the requirements of charity law and other relevant legislation. The Secretary supports
the Bishop and ensures the smooth functioning of the trustee body.

The Safeguarding Commission
The Safeguarding Commission is a group of independent professional people,
appointed by the Trustees with the prior approval of the Bishop, to act on their behalf
to oversee the implementation of the guidelines of The National Safeguarding
Advisory Service (the Guidelines) from time to time in force. Its membership comprises
people with specific experience and expertise in safeguarding issues and includes
representatives from the police, safeguarding organisations, social work, the Probation
Service and the clergy as required by and in accordance with the Guidelines. The
Commission meets regularly to fulfil the requirements of the Guidelines including
discussing policies and procedures, receiving reports from the Co-ordinator and
Officer and when necessary to discussing investigations and other case work, and
preparing an annual report for the Trustees.

The Safeguarding Coordinator
The Safeguarding Coordinator is appointed by the Bishop and Trustees to co-ordinate

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