Evangelisation Strategy Teams

“Those who drink of the water that I will give them
will never be thirsty”

(John 4:14)

What are Evangelisation Strategy Teams?

If each of us were to think about the number of people who crossed our path each day – at work, in the street, in the shops – we would surely be thinking of thousands upon thousands of people.


Roughly 25% of all UK citizens are “nones”, that is, they claim no faith tradition. 59% consider themselves to be Christian. The chances are, a high proportion of people that we pass each day do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, and therefore do not experience “the strength, light and consolation born of friendship” with him.


If we knew the joy of life in Christ, we would want every single person who crosses our path each day to experience this, too.


As his disciples, God calls us to do something about this!


In response to this great need for evangelisation, Bishop Philip has asked each Pastoral Area to establish an Evangelisation Strategy Team.


Bishop Philip explains his vision for these teams:


Recently, we undertook a review of the Pastoral Areas of the Diocese and how the Pastoral Areas serve the work of New Evangelisation. There is so much to thank God for, and the present review is all about building on where we have got to, so far.


Already the clergy have been meeting regularly about this. But now we want to set up in every Pastoral Area an Evangelisation Strategy Team, comprised of clergy and laity, to direct the work of mission at the local, parish level.


The Strategy Team is a new body to replace the Pastoral Council. I want the Team to represent all ages and types: a young person, a middle person, a wise and seasoned pilgrim, men and women, perhaps a teacher from one of the Catholic schools, and a religious too. Teams will meet once a term. It’s all about vision! Its purpose is to sponsor mission-projects across the area.




















What types of projects could Evangelisation Strategy Teams sponsor?

Projects will depend on the creativity and initiative of the team, but here are some ideas:

- Leaflet new housing developments with Mass times

- Run an attractive and interesting stall on a local market

- Arrange visitors for a retirement home

- Organise a “Bring a Friend to Mass” campaign

- Establish a presence on social media

- Hand out invitations to an event commuters at a train station during rush hour

- Organise a “Theology on Tap” event at a local pub

- Hold “Nightfever” in a church on a busy thoroughfare

Evangelisation Strategy Teams




Do you love Christ and his Church?

Do you have a passion for others to know Jesus?

Are you willing to use your gifts and charisms for evangelisation?


To find out more, please contact your Coordinating Pastor or Parish Priest.


Bishop’s Office, Bishop Crispian Way, Portsmouth, Hampshire. PO1 3QA, tel: 02392 820894

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