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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2018



25th September 2017


Now is the time for Churches and Churches Together Groups to start planning their Week of Prayer for Christian Unity services. This year the Caribbean churches have produced the material which uses Exodus 15, a song of triumph over oppression, as the motif of the Week of Prayer.

The themes of the daily material raise some of the contemporary issues addressed by the churches of the Caribbean. Abuses of human rights are found across the region and we are challenged to consider our manner of welcoming of the stranger into our midst. Human trafficking and modern-day slavery continue to be huge issues. Addiction to pornography and drugs, continue to be serious challenges to all societies. The debt crisis has a negative impact upon the nations and upon individuals – the economies of the nations and people have become precarious. Family life continues to be challenged by the economic restrictions which lead to migration, domestic abuse and violence.

The Caribbean Churches work together to heal the wounds in the body of Christ. Reconciliation demands repentance, reparation and the healing of memories. The whole Church is called to be both a sign and an active agent of this reconciliation.

Resources for the week can be found on the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland website here and  also on the Vatican website here.

There are slight differences in the prayers but the theme is an international one.

The right hand of God
Is lifting in our land,
Lifting the fallen one by name
And rescued now from shame
By the lifting of the right hand of God
Your right hand O Lord is glorious

Exodus 15.6


The Diocesan Christian Unity Committee would love to hear of your plans for the week. Contact them by e-mail






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