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Rosary on the Coast for Faith, Life and Peace in the British Isles

40 Days Spiritual Preparation begins on St Joseph's Day - Monday 19th March





5th March 2018


Rosary on the Coast is an initiative of the Lay Faithful across the British Isles inviting the faithful of our nations, with the support of our clergy and Bishops, to a Day of Prayer for Faith, Life and Peace which will surely be pleasing to the Holy Spirit, and to Our Blessed Mother. The Rectors of our two National Marian Shrines (Walsingham & Our Lady of the Taper) in England and Wales have given Rosary on the Coast their full backing and encouragement. 


This is a day of pilgrimage and prayer for the re-flourishing of our Faith, for the grace to build a culture of Life and for true Peace to reign in the hearts of all peoples and nations.


This is an invitation to prayerfully prepare for Rosary on the Coast for these next 40 days with Our Blessed Lady the Sorrowful & Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Joseph, St. Andrew, St. David, St. George, St. Patrick and with all the Saints and Martyrs of Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland in a spirit of penance, prayer, mortification and intercession.


40 Days Spiritual Preparation – Monday 19th March 2018 to Friday 27th April 2018

followed by a day to prepare by seeking the Sacrament of Confession


You may find these guidelines useful or are free to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in preparing for this momentous event.


Monday 19 March – Solemnity of St. Joseph

Invoke the intercession of St. Joseph as patron & protector of the Universal Church for intentions of “Rosary on the Coast”.


Tuesday 20 March 

Pray for the Bishops, & especially your Diocesan Bishop, for your Diocese and all its apostolic activity.


Wednesday 21 March 

Drink only water throughout the day.


Thursday 22 March 

Pray the Rosary for Our Lady’s intentions for the British Isles & for the protection of the true meaning of Marriage & Family Life.


Friday 23 March - (Lenten Friday, Day of Fast and Abstinence)

Pray for the person you most need to forgive - offer a sacrifice/or pray the Stations of the Cross.


Saturday 24 March

Pray the Rosary for the conversion of heart of the peoples of the British Isles & for our peoples to build a culture of Life.


Sunday 25 March – Palm Sunday

Attend Sunday Mass - Pray for your Parish Priest, your Parish and offer a sacrifice.


Holy Week – attend daily Mass if you can and live this week in an intense spirit of mortification and sacrifice. Go to Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Monday 26 March

Fast from what you most like to do, eat or drink.


Tuesday 27 March

Fast from TV, social media, excessive Facebook and donate some money to Charity or to someone in need.


Wednesday 28 March 

Make time for quiet Prayer & reading of the Scriptures.


Sacred Triduum – attend all the Liturgies of the Triduum and prepare and go to the Sacrament of Confession


Maundy Thursday - 29 March 

Attend Mass of the Last Supper and remain in prayer WATCHING with the Lord for a period of time.


Good Friday - 30 March – Day of strict fast and abstinence.


Attend the 3pm Liturgy of the Passion and Stations of the Cross if possible in either the morning or evening.

Pray Psalm 51 or the Chaplet of Mercy.


Holy Saturday - 31 March 

Enter into silence with Our Blessed Lady. Fast from Television, Radio, and social media.

“May your sweet presence enlighten us forever, O Virgin of silence. Give us your great peace.”


Attend the Easter Vigil if possible.


Easter Week – Attend Mass where possible in joyful thanksgiving.

Eastertide is to be a time of joyful praise & thanksgiving to God.


Easter Sunday - 1 April

Attend Holy Mass of Easter Sunday in joy and thanksgiving for all the gifts God has given you throughout your life.


Easter Monday - 2 April

Surprise a loved one with an unexpected gift.


Easter Tuesday - 3 April

Pray in thanksgiving for the vocations of all Religious sisters, brothers & priests.


Easter Wednesday - 4 April

Pray for an Outpouring of Easter joy in the power of the Holy Spirit upon all our Bishops, Religious & Clergy. Have a Mass said for the intentions of your Parish Priest.


Easter Thursday - 5 April

Pray for your family & reach out in love to a member in greatest need of support and hope.


Easter Friday - 6 April 

Spend time with the Lord praying some of the Easter scriptures.


Easter Saturday - 7 April 

Pray a Rosary for the intentions of your Parish Priest.


Divine Mercy Sunday - 8 April 

Pray the Chaplet of Mercy/ or spend time in silent prayer for the needs of your Family and the whole World.


Monday 9 April – Feast of the Annunciation

Pray the Angelus and renew your “YES/Fiat” to God this day. Pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.


Tuesday 10 April 

Pray for and offer a sacrifice for our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and for the intentions of the Persecuted Church.


Wednesday 11 April 

Invoke the powerful intercession of Our Lady and the saints for the lapsed of your own family.


Thursday 12 April 

Pray for the departed souls of all Bishops & Priests.


Friday 13 April 

Pray that all unborn babies be cherished and that a Culture of Life will prevail in our National Life. Friday Day of Fast and Abstinence


Saturday 14 April 

Pray the Rosary for the Peace of the British Isles and for the whole world.


Sunday 15 April 

Attend Sunday Mass – Pray for the protection and strengthening of all Pro Life Groups and of those who work for peace, social justice and on behalf of the persecuted Church.


Monday 16 April 

Create something special within your family this day.


Tuesday 17 April 

Pray for the souls of the Faithful departed.


Wednesday 18 April 

Offer a sacrifice through Fasting in Reparation for the sins of the Church of the British Isles. Drink only water throughout the day.


Thursday 19 April

Surprise your parish priest with an unexpected, creative and useful gift or act of service.


Friday 20 April - Friday Day of Fast and Abstinence

Fast from what you most like to do, eat or drink this day.


Saturday 21 April 

Pray for all mothers, fathers and families traumatized by Abortion and for the healing grace of repentance, conversion of heart and reconciliation.  


Sunday 22 April 

Attend Sunday Mass and reach out to someone you have difficulty with and pray for them.


Monday 23 April - Solemnity of St George

Pray a Litany invoking some of the saints of the British Isles for the conversion of these Isles. In England especially invoke St. George whose Feast it is today!


Tuesday 24 April 

Attend a period of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament or spend time at home praying the Scriptures.


Wednesday 25 April – Feast of St. Mark 

Read a passage from the Gospel of St. Mark.


Thursday 26 April

Pray for the release of the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Visit if possible a local graveyard to pray for all souls buried or interred there.


Day 40 - Friday 27 April – Friday Day of Fast and Abstinence

and especially so as today is the 50th anniversary (April 27th 1968) of the coming into statute law and practice of the 1967 Abortion Act. Attend Holy Mass and pray the National Prayer of Reparation & Repentance.


Saturday 28 April 

Day of preparation in prayer, repentance and penance for “Rosary on the Coast”, and for going to the Sacrament of Confession.


Sunday 29 April – Rosary on the Coast of the British Isles - Attend Sunday Mass and Pilgrimage to an area of Coast of the British Isles at 3pm to pray the Rosary for Faith, Life and Peace.


Nearer to the time details of additional prayers for use beforehand and on the day itself with the themes of Faith, Life & Peace will be available under the Resources Section of the Rosary on the Coast website.









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