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Maryvale Graduation 2018


26th November 2018


Sr Veronica, OP, heads up our Diocesan provision for Maryvale courses. Here she reports on the recent Graduation ceremony held at St Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham...


Each year the students and staff of the Maryvale Institute gather to celebrate the achievements of the past year at St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham. It is a wonderful occasion and this year we were graced by the presence of our own Bishop Philip who granted the awards and gave the address to the students.


Maryvale House was the first Catholic home of Bl. John Henry Newman and the original seminary at Oscott. Today it fulfils the dream of J.H. Newman for an educated laity. The courses offered range from simple further education courses in the formation of catechists in health care chaplaincy work, RCIA catechesis, Catholic Social Teaching, Marriage and Family, Parish Mission and Ministry and numerous independent learning modules in catechism, scripture studies and the writings of recent Popes. This year several of the students graduating were from our own diocese and it was an opportunity for Bishop Philip to meet students from his own diocese at various stages on the ladder of learning. Because Maryvale is a distance learning college it is able to provide a valuable service to the English Speaking Church in Singapore, the Cameroons, the Middle East (UAE) the USA and Belarus as well as to places nearer to home in Scotland, England and Ireland and within the Prison service in England and Scotland.


Our own Sr. Hyacinthe OP received her Ecclesiastical Licence in Divinity and Catechesis (STL) (Validated by the faculty Notre Dame de Paris, Ecole Cathédrale Paris) which will enable her to better able to serve the formation of catechists in this diocese through the Formation for Mission Team


Fr Bernadine Nsom (Parish Priest in Charminster) received Master Arts in the Marriage and Family pathway (Validated by Open University) 


Fr Thom Amungwa (Formerly parish priest in Borden and now serving catechetical formation in Bamenda) received Master of Arts in the Faith and Culture pathway (Validated by Open University) 


Joanne Culver (Parish of Waterside) Bachelor of Divinity (with honours) (Validated by the faculty Notre Dame de Paris, Ecole Cathédrale Paris 


Annette O’Beirne (Parish of Fareham) received Maryvale Certificate in catechesis on Marriage and Family 


Also 86 students from Bamenda, Cameroon (who were funded by our Diocese) completed the Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis. These students will received their award in Bamenda this week.


Congratulations to all who received awards this year. 


If you are interested in any of the Maryvale courses please visit their very informative website




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