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The Magi are in a Muddle!

22nd January 2019

The inside scoop of the “best show yet” is here, reports Joanna Azavedo-Parker from St Swithun Wells Parish...  

The Magi are in a Muddle captivated much interest across the parish with an almost Full House. So, what captured their interest?   The story was set around the Magi not knowing how many they should be or when they should visit the new born king.  A belligerent King Herod was also interested in the new born king but for other reasons.   Mary and Joseph were keen to make everyone welcome to see the baby whilst keeping a firm hold of a slightly disgruntled Angel.  Star was feeling privileged in her role and needed to share this with everyone in a dance during which she highlighted how every one of us has been chosen for a purpose.   The shepherds were keen to get as much “J” as they could so didn’t mind the tardiness of the Magi.   The Magi’s down trodden but cheeky servants couldn’t find the socks but seemed to have more of a handle on business ahead whilst their employers worried about timing and geography, not to mention facing THE Herod. “How many Herod’s do you know?” was a comedic question asked in the show but actually there were many in real life!

Amidst music from Hillsong, The Sidewalk Prophets, Chris Tomlin and a Bruno Mars remake of Uptown Funk, to name but a few, the cast of Magi(as I am certain it will become known) meandered, paced, enthused, dismissed, partied, tolerated, endured and enjoyed sharing what might be referred to as the “lesser known” side to the Christmas Story.  One parishioner said “it was wonderful to see the young people learning about the real story and not just the Nativity”.


Music can be used in so many ways and in this show our Magi were a band…..who knew we had some budding trumpeters in our midst or that there was a drum kit behind the organ waiting to be dusted off?  Who knew that five teenagers could pull off looking like a real Blues Brothers Band?  And who knew that when I said I needed a double bass that I was planning on making with a broom and a cut out piece of card, that a 12 year old could make one this good??  The Uptown Funk routine introduced the Holy Spirit into the story which was added to Magibut it was clear that the Holy Spirit was present on stage that night.


Magienticed a young man who said “would act if necessary but would prefer to narrate” into being its Narrator and “Boom!!”.....as the shepherds said later in the show….a narrator was born.   However, this upset God who relented in the end but was hovering to keep an eye on things throughout.


Back to King Herod……..he was insufferable but his tiny, pint sized assistant was more than happy to voice her opinion and question him despite his growling & shouting.   The youngest of the Harris girls took on this role having demanded more lines at the end of the last show.   So King Herod had both a slave who had to move his “height box” several times and someone who gave him one or two good ideas, credit for which he took of course.   His wives on the other hand were both doting and bored.  Doris was Herod’s first wife whom he banished before marrying Marianne number One.  In Magi, they came together……Doris wouldn’t go home  and Marianne was sick and tired of her.  King Herod was sick of them both needless to say!


And then there’s Angel who made sure we knew we needed her for the story but was bored and wanted a break, having to be reminded of her role which again can be said of us all.  We all need a reminder once in a while….sometimes often….that we each have a part to play and even if Angel did think she was the most important part, which again some of us might do at times,  God thinks we are all equal.  Being equal meant that the shepherds were determined to get our Clergy up and dancing in their rendition of “Go tell it on the mountain”, which they did. But then would you refuse puppy eyes dressed in a fluffy onesie??


And so Magi finished with King Herod never seeing the Magi again as we know from the Bible, the shepherds & the Magi visiting the King of the World and our Narrator finally getting a compliment from God.   PLUS, we all were reminded of how special we each are and how important we are in our roles, big and small.


Rich with gifts and fruits from the Holy Spirit  in us and around us that evening, the assembled audience of family, friends and neighbours from across the whole parish raised £450.00 for SWAG’s chosen charity, Canine Partners, which is to be matched by Lloyds Bank.  This means we raised £900 for people like Jenni, who would not have any independence without her canine pal, Elbie, trained to help her dress and get about so that her daughter can go to school and her husband can go to work.   


SWAG’S total fundraising is now £3010.00.   Bravo SWAG!!




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