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Tuesday 3rd July 2018 - Issue 189 (2018/24)

Dear Friends,


As the sunny weather continues, I wish you a blessed and joyful week ahead. Here is our diocesan news for the week. On Sunday we had the great joy of ordaining four new deacons for service in the Diocese. Deacon Kim Cabatana will serve in St Joseph’s and St. Thomas’s Havant and Emsworth,  Deacon Tom Jose in Holy Family Southampton, Deacon Gregory Cook in Corpus Christi Boscombe, and Deacon Martin McElroy in St. Peter’s Winchester. Please pray for them, their wives and families. Meanwhile, see you in a fortnight - the next e-News will be in two weeks’ time! God bless you all. 



Four new Deacons for our diocese

On Sunday, I was delighted to ordain Kim Cabatana, Tom Jose Martin McElroy and Gregory Cook to the diaconate for our diocese. The cathedral was packed with priests, deacons, family, friends and parishioners who had come to support them. They will serve, respectively, in Havant, Southampton, Winchester and Boscombe.


In my homily, I reminded these four men that "...a deacon sacramentally re-presents Christ the Servant. He is a minister of the altar, a minister of the Word, and a minister of charity especially to the poor, the sick, the lonely, the needy. This is what you commit yourselves to now: that you are willing to be ordained, that you will lovingly serve the Church, that you will faithfully teach the Catholic Faith, that you promise to be men of prayer and that from this day forward you will zealously model your life on Christ."


Please pray for these men that they my be faithful in the ministry to which God has called them and that God who has begun the good work in them bring it to fulfilment.


You can read my homily and view some photos from the celebration here.



Today is the Feast of St Thomas

Today we celebrate the feast of the apostle St Thomas who is famous for doubting the resurrection of Jesus when his fellow apostles told him about it; but if he is the sceptical apostle, he is also the believing apostle, for having seen and touched a risen man, he made the immediate leap of faith and so became the first apostle to call Jesus God. As we hear in today's Gospel reading: "'Unless I see the holes that the nails made in his hands and can put my finger into the holes they made, and unless I can put my hand into his side, I refuse to believe.' Eight days later...[Jesus] spoke to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; look, here are my hands. Give me your hand; put it into my side. Doubt no longer but believe.' Thomas replied, 'My Lord and my God!’ Jesus said to him: 'You believe because you can see me. Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe.'"


Here's the Collect for the day:


Grant, almighty God, that we may glory in the Feast of the blessed Apostle Thomas, so that we may always be sustained by his intercession and, believing, may have life in the name of Jesus Christ your Son, whom Thomas acknowledged as the Lord. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.


The Precious Blood of Christ

In this month of July when we reflect on the Precious Blood of Christ our Saviour and its infinite power to cleanse, purify and transform us, here is a passage from the Letter to the Hebrews to reflect on:


If the blood of goats and bulls, and the sprinkling of defiled persons with the ashes of a heifer, sanctify for the purification of the flesh, how much more will the blood of Christ. He, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without blemish to God, will purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God. Therefore he is the mediator of a new covenant, so that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance (Hebrews 9: 13-14)


Click here to say the Litany of the Most Precious Blood, which St. John XXIII promulgated in 1960 for use in the universal Church. 



"Son of Mary" - Scott Hahn reflects on the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

As we've walked with the apostles in the Gospels in recent weeks, we've witnessed Jesus command the wind and sea, and order a little girl to arise from the dead. But He seems to meet His match in His hometown of Nazareth. Today's Gospel is blunt: “He was not able to perform any mighty deed there.” Why not? Because of the people's lack of faith. They acknowledged the wisdom of His words, the power of His works. But they refused to recognise Him as a prophet come among them, a messenger sent by God. All they could see was how much “this man” was like them – a carpenter, the son of their neighbour, Mary, with brothers and sisters. Of course, Mary was ever-virgin, and had no other children. The Gospel refers to Jesus' brothers as Paul refers to all Israelites as his brothers, the children of Abraham.That's the point in today's Gospel, too. Like the prophet Ezekiel in today's First Reading, Jesus was sent by God to the rebellious house of Israel, where He found His own brothers and sisters obstinate of heart and in revolt against God. 


Read Scott Hahn's complete reflection for this coming Sunday here.   



Christ alone - Cornerstone

Here’s another Matt Redman song we often sing at Youth Masses and gatherings. The first time I heard it was at one of our Confirmation Masses at the Cathedral led by the Y2K music band. The chorus is ever memorable:


Christ alone,


Weak made strong

in the Saviour's love    

Through the storm

He is Lord

Lord of all.


This song is a good one for us to reflect on in July, the month of the year dedicated to the Precious Blood of Christ. As St. John XXIII explained: “As we approach the month devoted to honouring the Blood of Christ – the price of our redemption, the pledge of salvation and life eternal – may Christians meditate on it more fervently. May they savour its fruits more frequently in sacramental communion” (Inde a Primus).


Click on the image to hear Matt Redman performing Cornerstone.



A New Commandment - a reflection by Jennifer Geach

We are a funny mixed up bunch we humans, so that we can hold two entirely conflicting opinions in our heads at the same time, and not notice, unless we are very clear headed, that our ideas are even incongruent, much less in conflict.  So on the one hand, someone who is pro-abortion will yammer about a woman’s right to choose: but the very same person will believe that it is essential to protect people not only from drugs which are evidently harmful, as tobacco, but even from potentially beneficial drugs.  I have actually heard someone heatedly advocating the right to choose assisted suicide, who in the same breath said that ‘of course’ they are completely opposed to the recreational use of drugs.


Read the full reflection here. 



Join us for the Wednesday Webinar this Wednesday 7 - 8pm

Familiarity is not knowledge (Mark 6:1-6) - 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Everyone in their hometown knows Jesus, and they obviously think they know him better than everyone else. So, when they hear him speak, they listen in disbelief. What they see and hear does not match what they ‘know’ about Jesus. Instead of opening themselves to this new reality, which challenges their presuppositions about Jesus, they hold on to their notions and so shut themselves off from faith. Yet, had they accepted him as he is, and not as they think he ought to be, they would have realised that God himself had been in their midst for decades, making himself one of theirs, and taking them as his own.


Do we miss opportunities to see, hear, acknowledge and accept God in our midst because we think we already know everything he is and does?


We’ll reflect on:

Faith: An authentic faith is open, not closed, and discovers God in all things.

Hope: Do we dare hope that God has more in store for us? Or do we shut him out as someone who has nothing more to teach and give us?

Love: Do we limit others to our knowledge of them, to their past, their circumstances, their characters? Or are we able to recognise the face of Jesus in each human person, someone we can learn from, who has something to give us?  


Sign up for the webinar here or catch up via the recording if you are unable to join us.  



This Wednesday– 4th July 2018

This photo shows Pier Giorgio talking with the family chauffeur. It was taken in 1925 at which time the family owned a Lancia 3K. PG used the car a lot himself transporting packages etc. to the poor in his SVP work.  


Meanwhile, I hope you can join us this week, Wednesday 4th July, at St. Patrick’s Soho (just by Tottenham Court Road tube station) for our Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati celebration. The Day runs from 1.30 pm til 9 pm, beginning with an hour of Eucharistic Adoration. Then there’s a couple of short talks. I’m doing “The Eucharist in the life of Blessed Pier Giorgio” and Bishop John Wilson “The Poor in the life of Blessed Pier Giorgio.” A great highlight is having with us Pier Giorgio’s niece, Wanda Gawronska from Rome, who will be sharing memories of her uncle and, I hope, bringing a relic or two. She will be accompanied by Christine Wohar, leader of Frassati USA. There will be a break for supper at 5.30 pm, before resuming at 7 pm, and then Mass at 8 pm. Fr. Alexander Sherbrooke, the parish priest of St. Patrick’s and the person who originally introduced me to Wanda, is going to give the homily. Music during the Day will be provided by the Youth 2000. We invite a donation towards costs. Please come and join us! You can see the flier for the day here.



This Sunday is Sea Sunday 

Sea Sunday will be celebrated on the weekend of 7th-8th July. During Mass that weekend please remember to pray for seafarers, their families and all who support them, including Apostleship of the Sea. Please support your parish’s second collection if there is one. All funds raised go to the Apostleship of the Sea to support their work. You can view and download Sea Sunday resources, watch a Sea Sunday video. The video is also available as a DVD. To order a FREE copy contact nathaniel@apostleshipofthesea.org.uk


Apostleship of the Sea provides spiritual and practical support, information and a listening ear to seafarers. For more information go to https://www.apostleshipofthesea.org.uk/




Join us for a Bereavement Support workshop this Saturday

You are warmly invited to a workshop that will look at the process of a parish helping people going through dying and bereavement.   Our main speaker will be Kathryn Turner, head of the Department for Spirituality in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.   There will also be a few speakers from parishes in our diocese.   Please come if you are at all interested in learning more, even if you or your parish aren’t currently doing any work in this area.   It will be held on Saturday 7th July at Milner Hall, next to the Winchester parish centre, between 10am - 12.30pm.  Please book a free place by contacting Philippa Foster, the Leader of the Pastoral Care Services team in the diocese, at pfoster@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk 

If you cannot come but would be interested in registering your interest in this important pastoral care work, please email Philippa too, who is looking to build connections and community within the diocese. 


Understanding Sex  and Gender - a conference for Catholic Educators

Friday 13th - Saturday 14th July 

St Mary’s University  Waldegrave Road, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, TW1 4SX


Those who are involved with the formation and education of young people today are facing the difficult task of continuing to evangelise and teach in the midst of a growing trend of confusion surrounding personal identity, particularly sex and gender. Join us for a 2-day, multidisciplinary conference on these special topics, where we will hear from experts in the fields of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, law, and other related areas. The conference, which is open to teachers, parents, chaplains, catechists, pastors, and anyone interested in learning more, aims to equip Catholic Christian educators and formators with knowledge of and confidence in the Church’s full and positive vision of the human person in his or her sexuality.


Some of the questions to be answered...


Are there really only two sexes?

What is gender, exactly?

What can I legally say and do as an educator?

What does a healthy psychology of sexuality look like?

How can we help children who demonstrate confusion?

How does sexuality affect our ability to become disciples?


Find out more here.



Join me for our first Diocesan Health & Safety Conference and Mass

Clergy and Parish Safety Representatives are invited to join us for our first Diocesan H&S Conference, Celebratory Mass and Lunch. The morning includes an address from Bishop Philip, speakers from the Catholic Insurance Services Ltd (Who provide our Insurance and risk management services) and from Ellis Whittam on how to handle incidents and emergency events. Our parishes have worked very hard to implement this new health and safety program and to recognise this effort I will celebrate Mass following the morning’s talks. In addition, as a thank you a hot lunch will also be provided prior to closure of the celebration. The event will be held at: St Mary’s Church, 59 Normandy Street, Alton Hampshire, GU34 1DN from 9.45am - 2.30pm - click here for the programme.


Can you please confirm that you and your parish safety representatives and administrators can come and if there are any special dietary requirements (for example, Coeliac, Gluten Free)? All replies must be received by Friday 6th July, 2018. Please send your replies to Pauline Clarke.



Dominican Sisters invite you to join them on their walking pilgrimage

The St John Paul II Pilgrimage is a 50 miles walk from Bury St Edmunds to Walsingham which happens every summer. The pilgrimage has been running since 2006. It starts on Thursday afternoon in Bury St Edmunds with an opening Mass. Pilgrims spend the first evening and night in Bury St Edmunds on the floor of the parish hall, and the following nights on the floors of halls and gyms on the way. Sleeping bags and sleeping mats/airbeds are required.

For 3 days, we walk to Walsingham, 20 miles on Friday and Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday. This year's pilgrimage is from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th August.


Click here for more details and to register.



Peter's Pence

Peter’s Pence - the centuries-old solidarity initiative for the Bishop of Rome – continues his path this year too. Faithful, religious and lay can contribute to the Works of Mercy desired by Pope Francis directly through the Peter's pence website and share messages of hope and solidarity through the social networks (Twitter and Instagram).


If you missed your parish's collection for Peter's Pence last weekend, you can also donate via the website.





Discalced Carmelites launch School of Prayer and Prayer Guides course

Responding to today’s hunger for authentic prayer & the need for skilled guides, Discalced Carmelites are developing their retreat centre at Boars Hill, Oxford, as a Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality. From September it will be offering two one-year courses, both rooted in the Carmelite Tradition – a School of Prayer and a Prayer Guides CourseThe School of Prayer is for anyone who is seeking a deeper relationship with God. It will offer the opportunity to grow in the life of prayer and to learn alongside Christians of any denomination who share the same commitment and desire to draw from the riches of Carmel. It will offer input on prayer from experienced speakers; time to share experience and insights from some essential reading; time for personal reflection including journaling; individual prayer guidance and a weekend of Individually Guided Prayer. The Prayer Guides Course is those who wish to deepen their life of prayer but who also feel called to accompany others in prayer, perhaps by leading prayer groups or retreats. Open, like the School of Prayer, to all Christians, it is deeply rooted in the Carmelite tradition of prayer and spirituality.


Both courses begin on 1st September this year & will usually be held on the first & third Saturdays of the month. Bursaries are available for both courses (e-mail Fr Thaddeus Ekuma for details.) Full details of the courses, application forms, dates and fees can be found on the Centre’s website or via e-mail .



Vacancies at Maryfield Convent Catholic Residential Care Home

Maryfield Convent Catholic Residential Care Home in Hook, Hampshire is a residential care home providing care and comfort to members of all religious denominations. Mass is celebrated daily in the convent chapel.  The sisters and staff provide continuous, quality care, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  They currently have vacancies.  If you would like to arrange a visit, or require further information, please call: 01256 762394 and speak to Trish Davies.



My Address to Secondary School RE Teachers

On Thursday 28th June at St Josephs Ashurst, I joined secondary RE teachers for their annual retreat day. I addressed them (see here) on their importance in the faith life of the young and their formation. It would be worth studying this address to see how important RE teachers are in our catholic schools.


During the day there was also a presentation by 'Missio' the Pontifical Missionary Society and all the amazing work they do throughout the world. Hopefully our schools are going to get more involved in this work. The teachers also had input from Mr Andy Lewis from St Bonaventure's School in London. Andy is well known in the world of Catholic RE teaching and has written text books and for many RE publications and gave our teachers lots to think about in terms of what they are going to teach and what we want our students to know about the faith. 


I celebrated Mass, assisted by the newly appointed Episcopal Vicar for Education, Fr PJ Smith who gave the homily. The day was ably hosted by Fr Des Connolly SM of the De Montfort Fathers who took care of us all. The Professional Advisor to the Episcopal Vicar for Education, Edmund Adamus was also with us for the day.


The organisers are grateful to all who attended and presented that made it such a memorable day. Thanks be to God.



Sixty years of the Catholic Women's League in Portsmouth

On Saturday 23rd June  Portsmouth Diocesan Branch of the Catholic Women's League gathered in Winchester to celebrate 60yrs since the Branch was inaugurated. (There were sections in Portsmouth, Farnborough, Bournemouth and Boscombe before that. In fact Portsmouth City Section celebrated their Centenary last year.)


Bishop Peter Doyle (CWL National Spiritual Advisor), Mgr Andrew McFadden (Principal Catholic Chaplain to the Royal Navy), Canon David Mahy (CWL Spiritual Advisor, Portsmouth Branch), Canon Paul Townsend (Past Parish Priest, Winchester), Jean Clarke (CWL National Secretary), Jill Sims (President of Arundel and Brighton CWL Branch), Marie Potter (President of Southwark CWL Branch), Maire Leese (Past Portsmouth Branch President 1986-1989), Sue Meese (Portsmouth Diocesan President UCM), 4 UCM representatives, 70 members of Portsmouth Branch and several other supporters and friends, were welcomed to St Peter's Winchester by Mgr Tom McGrath (in the absence of Parish Priest, Fr Mark Hogan, who was in Canada.) 


Following the Midday Mass, members and guests were welcomed, by the Diocesan President Pat Guegan to the Pastoral Centre for lunch. The lunch was cooked and served by the family of the Diocesan Vice-President Hilary Kemp, assisted by members of Winchester Section. The traditional Celebratory Cake was cut by Canon Paul Towsend, who was Parish Priest in Winchester when the Celebration was in the planning stage. 


We have sections meeting in Farnborough, Fleet, Gosport (Lee-on-the-Solent), Hayling Island, Jersey, Lymington, Portsmouth City (Cathedral), Southbourne and Winchester. For more information please contact Branch Secretary, Marguerite Boulter.



Celebrating Significant Anniversaries in Jersey

On Saturday 23rd June a special Mass was celebrated in St Thomas’ Church to give thanks to all those who were celebrating significant anniversaries including Fr Nicholas who was marking 50 years as a priest and Deacon Iain who was celebrating 25 years as a Deacon. Bishop Crispian celebrated the Mass and all were invited to the hall for  a reception where a special celebratory cake was enjoyed together with the obligatory prosecco!


Congratulations to all celebrating their various significant anniversaries this year.


The photo shows Bishop Crispian cutting the cake while one of the jubilarians, Deacon Iain McFirbhisigh looks on. There is a photo of all the jubilarians at the Mass here.




Portsmouth Catenians raise £830 for Blind Veterans UK

Vincent Kelly from Portsmouth Catenians writes...


The Catenians are a Catholic men's Association with branches in many parts of the English speaking world. We meet monthly in circles to share a meal and discuss our projects. Members are called brothers and may attend any meeting.  We have various officers including a President and support Youth through our local Catholic secondary schools as well as the University Chaplaincy.


The President chooses an annual charity, last year we supported the Rowans Hospice in Havant and Blind Veterans UK. Our President Peter Armstrong is a former Army Major.



The donation for Blind Veterans was raised by collections and raffles during our circle meetings. We also raised £500 for the Rowans hospice in this way.


The photo shows Rachel Chitty from Blind Veterans UK receiving their cheque for £830 from Peter Armstrong.



Bishop Philip's Engagements      

Wednesday 4th July 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Event, St Patrick’s Church, London


Thursday 5th July 

Trustees Meeting, Bishop’s House


Thursday 12th July – Monday 16th July 

Lourdes Youth Pilgrimage


Tuesday 17th July 

Department Meeting, Bishops’ Conference, London


Thursday 19th July 

Bishop’s Council Meeting, Bishop’s House


Friday 20th July 

Health and Safety Meeting and Mass, St Mary’s Church, Alton


Saturday 21st July 

Parish Visitation: Waterside Parish



Diocesan Prayer Intentions

Each day of the year the liturgical calendar gives us a variety of seasons and celebrations of saints. These are outlined in the Diocesan Ordo along with a daily prayer for a diocesan intention. I would like to encourage you to add these intentions to your daily prayers.            


Sunday 1st July


Diocesan Prayer: Parish of Sacred Heart & St Peter, Waterlooville (dedicated 1.7.11)


Monday 2nd July 

Feria [13th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Parishes, Communities & Schools in the Portsmouth Pastoral Area 


Tuesday 3rd July

ST THOMAS, Apostle, feast

Diocesan Prayer: Community of St Paul, Paulsgrove (consecrated 3.7.1970) 


Wednesday 4th July

St Elizabeth of Portugal, optional memorial

or: Feria [13th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Parish of St Francis, Ascot (consecrated 4.7.1889)


Thursday 5th July

St Anthony Zaccaria, Founder, optional memorial

or: Feria [13th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Community of Notre Dame du Rosaire, Guernsey (consecrated 4.7.1968)


Friday 6th July

St Maria Goretti, Virgin, Martyr, optional memorial

or: Feria [13th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Community of Holy Trinity, Church Crookham (consecrated 5.7.1975)


Saturday 7th July

Our Lady on Saturday

or: Feria [13th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Parishes, Communities & Schools in the South Berkshire Pastoral Area


Sunday 8th July 


National Prayer Cycle: Apostleship of the Sea & all Chaplains to Seafarers

Diocesan Prayer: Diocesan College of Consultors 


Monday 9th July

St Augustine Zhao Rong, Priest, & Companions, Martyrs, optional memorial

or: Feria [14th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Parish of St Thomas More, Iford (consecrated 9.7.1957)


Tuesday 10th July

Feria [14th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Community of Douai Abbey (Abbey Church dedicated 9.7.1993) and work of Douai Abbey Pastoral Programme

Jubilee: Deacon Keith Crocker (ordained 10.7.1993)


Wednesday 11th July

ST BENEDICT, Founder, Patron of Europe, feast

Diocesan Prayer: Bishop Philip (appointed 11.7.2012)


Thursday 12th July

Feria [14th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Community of St Gregory, Alresford (consecrated 11.7.1975)


Friday 13th July

St Henry, Emperor, optional memorial

or: Feria [14th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: All Gift-Aid Organisers C


Saturday 14th July

St Camillus of Lellis, Founder, optional memorial

or: Our Lady on Saturday

or: Feria [14th Week in Ordinary Time]

Diocesan Prayer: Community of St Swithun, Southsea (consecrated 15.7.1908)


Sunday 15th July


[Winchester: St Swithun, Bishop, solemnity] 

Diocesan Prayer: Parish of St Swithun, Yateley (dedicated 15.7.1979) 


Forthcoming Events      

Wednesday 4th July
Feast day of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Celebration event at St Patrick's Soho
Read more


Saturday 14th July
Beyond War, Music of Peace
St. Mary's, Andover

Read more


Sunday 15th July
Catholic Evangelization Seminar
St Swithun's Church Hall, Southsea

Read more


Friday 20th July
Health & Safety Conference and Mass
St Mary's Alton
Read more

Saturday 21st July
Celebrating 50 years of serving the local Community in Horndean

St Edmund's, Napier Road, Horndean
Read more

Monday 30th July - Thursday 2nd August

Spiritual Theology Conference

School of the Annunciation

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Read more


Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th August
St John Paul II Walking Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Read more


Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th August

Philosophy for Faith:  A four-day introduction to Catholic philosophy 

School of the Annunciation

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Read more


Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th August

Apologetics for the New Evangelisation 

School of the Annunciation

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Read more


Saturday 11th August

Loving God's Creation - Climate Change - A Christian Response

Holly Barn, Wintershall Estate, Bramley (near Guildford)

Read more


Saturday 25th -Thursday 30th August

Pilgrimage to Knock
including ticket to see Pope Francis

Read more


29th-30th September

Southampton Celebrate

St George Catholic College Southampton

Read more


18th—22nd October

Catholic School Leaders’ Pilgrimage to Medjugorje

Read more


Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th November

Be still and know - Franciscan Retreat

Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham

Read more 



Please pray for..

Peace in the world and for those who govern the nations that they may do so wisely and justly; for Archbishop Cornelius and the clergy and people of our twin diocese of Bamenda, for an end to the troubles there.


Vocations to all states of life and ministry in the Church, especially to the Sacred Priesthood, Diaconate and Religious Life. For Deacon Nick Le Cornu, Deacon Ian Cornford, and Deacon Mohanraj Edward  Deacon Kim Cabatana, Deacon Gregory Cook, Deacon Tom Jose, and Deacon Martin McElroy recently ordained and for the parishes and people they will serve.

All our students currently in formation for ordination and those responsible for their formation in the various seminaries in which they are based and for those to be ordained for our diocese this year. 

All clergy preparing to move to new assignments in the autumn.


The work of the New Evangelisation across the diocese that we may all play our part in bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church.


The repose of the souls of all who have died recently and for all those killed through acts of warfare, violence, terrorism and natural disaster, for all departed clergy and people of the diocese and for all the Faithful Departed. Requiescant in pace.


The Unity of all Christians in doctrine, life and worship.

The Canonisation of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, Patron of our Youth.

The work of all Evangelisation Strategy Teams across our Diocese and the Holy Spirit's guidance on the formation of the new Diocesan Pastoral Council.

Those entering the "Called and Gifted" process and for the work of the Called & Gifted Team. That all the faithful of the Diocese that they may share their time and talents for the good of the Church and discern how God is calling them in a particular way to be more intentional disciples.   

The work of our Marriage and Family Life Team.

All the sick clergy and people in our Diocese who are in need of our prayers.

All those suffering in the world through hunger, disease, persecution and natural disaster, for all refugees and victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

The work of the Apostleship of the Sea, Caritas Diocese of Portsmouth, Caritas Jersey, CAFOD and those with whom they work.


That all we do in the diocese may bring people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church. 





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In Corde Iesu


Bishop of Portsmouth


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