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Wednesday 9th May 2018 - Issue 182 (2018/18)


Dear Friends,


We’ve just had an amazing weekend with our Diocesan Eucharistic Congress held in the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth. First we had the schools day on Friday and then the rest of the diocese, parishes, families and friends on Saturday. The day climaxed in Eucharistic Adoration in the Cathedral and the celebration of Mass. Our speakers were outstanding: Pippa Baker and Fr. Stephen Wang, hosted by Sarah and Sean from the FOCUS Missionary team. We also had inspiring upbeat music led by the Y2K band. You can see some photos here. It was a great preparation day too for the National Eucharistic Congress Adoremus to be held in Liverpool in the autumn. Let us pray that the joy of the Gospel may fill our hearts and radiate out to all around us, thus bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church.



This Thursday we celebrate Christ’s Ascension

Adveniat regnum tuum we pray in the Our Father: ‘Thy Kingdom come.’ This Thursday, we celebrate the feast of the Lord’s Ascension when we also begin the Great Novena or Nine Days of Prayer, with Mary, Peter and the Apostles in the Upper Room, for the Coming of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Church’s mission ad gentes, to the world. During this Novena, Catholics are invited to join with Anglican and other Christians in the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative. You can find more about this here. Just as in January we have the Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians, so in this week, we join ecumenically with our brother and sister Christians in the other communities to pray for the mission of the Church and the spread of the Gospel in our land. During this novena, why not pray each day the great Prayer to the Holy Spirit for this intention:


Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful,

and enkindle in them the fire of your love.

Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created,

and You shall renew the face of the earth.


Let us pray.

O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit,

did instruct the hearts of the faithful,

grant that by the gifts of the same Spirit,

they may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolations.

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.



Mass XVI (in feriis per annum)

I am sure you will know this Kyrie, as it is so frequently used across the Diocese, not least here in the Cathedral. Mass XVI does not have a name, but is simply appointed for use in feriis per annum, that is, for weekdays during the year. It is set in Mode III, which is ever joyful but with a note of solemnity about it. The Kyrie seems to have originated in in the High Middle Ages, between the 11th and 13th centuries. When used with the modern liturgy and its six-fold invocations, this Kyrie can sometimes catch you out. The last invocation is, as with all the Kyries, different from the penultimate and so you need to be careful if singing it alternately after the cantor! At Mass, this Kyrie is often joined with the Sanctus and Agnus Dei of Mass XVIII, which we will come to in two weeks time.


Click on the image to listen to a recording.




"The Good News": reflection on the Ascension of the Lord

As we have a Holyday of Obligation this week, we have a double helping of reflections from Scott Hahn. In this first one, he reflects on the Ascension of the Lord, now restored to its proper day of the Thursday of the 6th Week of Eastertide, after being kept for several years on the 7th Sunday.


In the first reading, St. Luke gives the surprising news that there is more of the story to be told. The story did not end with the empty tomb, or with Jesus’ appearances to the Apostles over the course of forty days. Jesus’ saving work will have a liturgical consummation. He is the great high priest, and he has still to ascend to the heavenly Jerusalem, there to celebrate the feast in the true Holy of Holies. The truth of this feast shines forth from the Letter to the Hebrews, where we read of the great high priest’s passing through the heavens, the sinless intercessor’s sacrifice on our behalf. Ascension is the preliminary feast that directs the Church’s attention forward to Pentecost. On that day, salvation will be complete; for salvation is not simply expiation for sins (that would be wonder enough), but it is something even greater than that. Expiation is itself a necessary precondition of our adoption as God’s children. To live that divine life we must receive the Holy Spirit. To receive the Holy Spirit we must be purified through baptism.


Read the complete reflection by theologian and best-selling author, Dr Scott Hahn - and sign up to receive the reflections each week by e-mail here.   



"The Kingdom Remains": Scott Hahn reflects on the 7th Sunday of Easter

With the restoration of the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord to the Thursday, we also have the restoration of the Seventh Sunday of Easter with its proper readings which some may not have heard for several years.


The First Reading begins by giving us a time frame—the events take place during the days between Christ’s Ascension and Pentecost. We’re at the same point in our liturgical year. On Thursday we celebrated His being taken up in glory, and next Sunday we will celebrate His sending of the Spirit upon the Church. Jesus’ prayer in the Gospel also captures the mood of departure and the anticipation. He is telling us today how it will be when He is no longer in the world. By His Ascension, the Lord has established His throne in heaven, as we sing in the Psalm. His kingdom is His Church, which continues His mission on earth.


Through the Church, Jesus’ pledge still comes to us—that if we love, God will remain with us in our trials and protects us from the evil one. By His word of truth He will help us grow in holiness, the perfection of love.


Read the complete reflection for this coming Sunday by theologian and best-selling author, Dr Scott Hahn - and sign up to receive the reflections each week by e-mail here.   



Join us for the Wednesday Webinar this Wednesday 7 - 8pm

The Prayer of Jesus - 7th Sunday of Easter, Year B: John 17: 11-19

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus prays to his Father. Jesus unveils his closeness and intimacy with his Father, as well as his love for each of his disciples. We see a glimpse of his Sacred Heart, which burns with love for each human person.


In times of suffering and distress, we sometimes question the care and love of God. Often we forget about God, as we get caught up in the cares and distractions of the world. Sometimes, we can mistakenly think that it is God who is forgetting us, and not us forgetting him. The prayer of Jesus contradicts all these thoughts and attitudes. It reveals the heart of the Father, opened for us in his Son. As he gives his life for us, Jesus tells us, in his prayer to the Father, what is uppermost in his mind and heart: our salvation.


We’ll reflect on:

Faith: What do we know about God’s plan for us?

Hope: How can we be sure of his care for us? How can we trust him more?
Love: What is our mission, our call from God in this life?


Sign up for the webinar here or catch up via the recording if you are unable to join us. 



Keeping this month of May special 

May is most well-known as “Mary’s Month,” a specific month of the year when special devotions are performed in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Why is that? How did May become associated with the Blessed Mother? There are many different factors that contributed to this association. First of all, in ancient Greece and Rome the month of May was dedicated to pagan goddesses connected to fertility and springtime (Artemis and Flora, respectively). This, combined with other European rituals commemorating the new season of spring, led many Western cultures to view May as a month of life and motherhood. This was long before “Mother’s Day” was ever conceived, though the modern celebration is closely related to this innate desire to honour maternity during the spring months.


In the early Church there is evidence of a major feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated on the 15th of May each year, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that May received a particular association with the Virgin Mary. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “The May devotion in its present form originated at Rome where Father Latomia of the Roman College of the Society of Jesus, to counteract infidelity and immorality among the students, made a vow at the end of the eighteenth century to devote the month of May to Mary. From Rome the practice spread to the other Jesuit colleges and thence to nearly every Catholic church of the Latin rite.”


Dedicating an entire month to Mary wasn’t a new tradition, as there existed a prior tradition of devoting 30 days to Mary called Tricesimum, which was also known as “Lady Month.” Various private devotions to Mary quickly became widespread during the month of May, as it is recorded in the Raccolta, a publication of prayers published in the mid-19th century.


It is a well-known devotion, to consecrate to most holy Mary the month of May, as the most beautiful and florescent month of the whole year. This devotion has long prevailed throughout Christendom; and it is common here in Rome, not only in private families, but as a public devotion in very many churches. Pope Pius VII, in order to animate all Christian people to the practice of a devotion so tender and agreeable to the most blessed Virgin, and calculated to be of such great spiritual benefit to themselves, granted, by a Rescript of the Segretaria of the Memorials, March 21, 1815 (kept in the Segretaria of his Eminence the Cardinal-Vicar), to all the faithful of the Catholic world, who either in public or in private should honour the Blessed Virgin with some special homage or devout prayers, or other virtuous practices. In 1945, Pope Pius XII solidified May as a Marian month after establishing the feast of the Queenship of Mary on May 31st. After the Second Vatican Council, this feast was moved to August 22, while May 31st became the feast of the Visitation of Mary.


The month of May is one rich in tradition and a beautiful time of the year to honour our heavenly mother.


(With thanks to the website Aleteia.)


Sherry Weddell will be with us in just 10 days time - will you be there?

This is a  last reminder about the events with Sherry Weddell on 18th and 19th May at the Basingstoke Country Hotel.  Thank you very much to all who have booked for one or two of the days, and we really look forward to seeing you there.  The hotel needs numbers a week in advance.  So please can you register by this Thursday 10th May (Ascension Day), emailing Clare on csimpson@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk.   If you booked a place, but can no longer come then please also email Clare.

There are three separate events:

1. On the morning of Friday 18th May she is speaking to Clergy only about their role in parish renewal.
2. On the afternoon of Friday 18th, between 2pm and 7pm, she will be speaking about how each lay person can help their parish become more outward focused and “missionary” in its culture and its activities.  This will obviously be of particular interest to anyone is part of a parish council, Evangelisation Strategy Team, leadership group, but it is also very suitable for anyone who is not currently involved with their parish, but feels that maybe they would like to help in some way in the future, using their own specific charism.  Sherry will talk about the 4 critical areas for parish renewal and she will share practical and concrete steps to make this happen.   There will also be a wonderful chance to hear from parishes in our diocese who are very actively working on parish renewal at the moment. 
3. On Saturday 19th May, between 9.30am and 4.30pm Sherry will be speaking to anyone who would like to develop their relationship with the Lord and respond to His call to be an active disciple and apostle.  She will talk in detail about the five threshold stages that every person goes through in their journey to be a true disciple of the Lord, using examples and materials that she has gathered over the last few years since she published her ground-breaking book on this subject.  As well as helping each person personally, this will be really useful for every catechist, parent and person who is encouraging and accompanying others on their spiritual journey.  Again, we will hear from a few parishes in our diocese, and have discussion time.


If anyone would like to stay overnight on the 18th at the hotel, we have negotiated a special rate of £55 for a single room and £60 for a double room, bed and breakfast.  On Friday tea-time, we will be offering a buffet supper, and would be grateful for a £5 donation at the time.  On Saturday can you bring a packed lunch or pay £10 for lunch at the hotel.  We will provide coffee and tea at the breaks.  



Join me at the National Eucharistic Congress on 8th September

This is the last opportunity for you to be able to book to attend the Congress as part of Portsmouth Diocese.  I am inviting all members of our Diocesan Community to join me in Liverpool at the Congress and especially on Saturday 8th September.  A day trip to the Congress has been organised using a number of options including pilgrims own transport, coach, and plane the cost therefore reflects the option chosen (£40-£110). It may be possible for your pilgrimage to be sponsored by your Parish or through the Living Our Faith Fund. 


Join me in Liverpool so that together we can be a public witness that the Church is indeed strong, alive and growing.  Together, share with me and other members of our Diocese in this unique opportunity to worship Christ, crucified and risen and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.  I hope that we will return from Liverpool renewed and refreshed so that we will all be able to go about the work of bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church, with vigour.


Book a place on this pilgrimage, or find out more by contacting your Parish Priest or my congress rep Fr PJ Smith at congress@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk or by phoning 07780221686.  All bookings must be complete by 29th May 2018.

Please download a brochure here.



CAFOD and Caritas invite you to "Share the Journey" this Saturday

Responding to Pope Francis's call to promote a "Culture of Encounter" and Caritas Internationalis call to "Share the Journey", CAFOD and Caritas Diocese of Portsmouth are co-sponsoring a conference on refugees on the 12th May in St Edward the Confessor Church in Chandlers Ford. 

In line with the Caritas Internationalis mission, the conference will be entitled "Share the Journey". During the conference you will see what we can practically do as a diocese and parish to assist refugees including sponsoring and housing refugee families. Please register at Eventbrite here or contact kgallagher@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk


For more information, see here.



I invite you to celebrate your wedding anniversary with me next month...

Are you celebrating a 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th or any anniversary over 60 years this year?


If so I would like to invite you to join me at a special celebration Mass. This will take place at St Bede’s Church in Basingstoke on Saturday 30th June 2018.


It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate and witness to Marriage. If you would like to come, please visit the anniversaries website for more information and to register.


O God, Creator of all things, who in the beginning made man and woman that they might form the marriage bond,  bless and strengthen the union of your servants, that they may show forth an ever more perfect image of the union of Christ with his Church.

Through our Lord Jesus your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.  



Join me for our first Diocesan Health & Safety Conference and Mass

Clergy and Parish Safety Representatives are invited to join us for our first Diocesan H&S Conference, Celebratory Mass and Lunch. The morning includes an address from Bishop Philip, speakers from the Catholic Insurance Services Ltd (Who provide our Insurance and risk management services) and from Ellis Whittam on how to handle incidents and emergency events. Our parishes have worked very hard to implement this new health and safety program and to recognise this effort I will celebrate Mass following the morning’s talks. In addition, as a thank you a hot lunch will also be provided prior to closure of the celebration. The event will be held at: St Mary’s Church, 59 Normandy Street, Alton Hampshire, GU34 1DN from 9.45am - 2.30pm - click here for the programme.


Can you please confirm that you and your parish safety representatives and administrators can come and if there are any special dietary requirements (for example, Celiac, Gluten Free)? All replies must be received by Friday 6th July, 2018. Please send your replies to Pauline Clarke: pclarke@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk   



Is God calling you to serve as a Deacon in His Church?

Oscott Seminary have introduced a preparatory year for men discerning a call to the Permanent Diaconate. This Propaedeutic year consists of three sessions (Friday-Saturday) and commences on 9th/10th November 2018. The other dates for the coming academic year are 25th/26th January and 8th/9th March 2019.

Its aim is to help candidates better understand the reality of a vocation to Holy Orders and to discern whether this is what God is calling them to. There will be Parish based pastoral elements, spiritual formation and intellectual input given through teaching, seminars and discussions. 


Wives of prospective candidates will also be supported during these days and are encouraged to attend. Attendance at these days does not commit an individual to beginning the formation program, but is part of the overall selection process.


For further information, please e-mail Fr Peter Hart as soon as possible.



Could you help the Domincan Sisters of St Joseph and their Chaplain?

The Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph at Sway are building new accommodation for their Chaplain, Fr. Richard Saksons, O.Praem as his present accommodation has been declared uninhabitable. They are therefore going to building him new accommodation and have raised some money but have a shortfall of £70,000. They are therefore appealing for help to raise this money. Any help would be most appreciated.


If you would like to contribute, please contact the Prioress Sr. Julie Marsh-Collis, OP., srjuliemc@gmail.com




Bishop John Baptist Cahill (1841-1910)

Dr Paul Severn, one of our students in formation for the diaconate, has written a most informative booklet about one of my predecessors, Bishop John Baptist Cahill (d. 1910). It is published by the Isle of Wight Catholic History Society and can be ordered through their website (see: http://iow-chs.org). Bishop Cahill was the second Bishop of Portsmouth and his kindly portrait hangs in the Aula at Bishop’s House. For many years he was the rector of St. Mary’s parish, Ryde and then was appointed Bishop in 1900. He came from London and was ordained for Southwark Diocese in that period just before our Diocese of Portsmouth was erected. In Domino confidit (‘he trusted in the Lord’) was his motto. The good work he pursued all those years ago has flourished and is still our main mission today: “Bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church”. That was Bishop Cahill’s burning desire too. May his example urge us on, per Christum Dominum nostrum.




Parish Missions 2019 - The Four Notes of Discipleship

The Montfort Missionaries based at Saint Joseph’s Centre, 8 Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7DU would be very interested in having a conversation with any Parish in the Diocese of Portsmouth that would like to have a Parish Mission in 2019. The theme of the Mission 2019: The Four Notes of Discipleship (To Encounter, To Follow, To Abide, To Evangelise). As Montfort Missionaries our aim is always to reignite within the Parish Community the importance and power of the Sacrament of Baptism, nourished by the Holy Eucharist as the starting point and the climax of all parish evangelizing activity. Entwined throughout our presentations is a reflection upon Mary the Mother of God as the Model Disciple of Jesus. If you would be interested in having a discussion regarding the Montfort Missionaries co-ordinating and preaching a Mission in your parish please contact Father Des Connolly SMM: email: stjosephscentre@mail.com or phone: 023 80292337.


More information can be found here.



Blessing of Engaged Couples in Reading

At 11am Mass on Sunday 29th April at St James' Church in Reading, couples engaged to be married received a special blessing, a blessing of their engagement rings and the couples were presented with a small bouquet of flowers. A reception with a special cake followed the Mass. The couples had experienced an evening earlier in the week with married couples now acting as mentors to the engaged couples.


Click on the image on the left for the full group.



Mayor of Winchester pays an unofficial visit to his alma mater

David McLean, former past pupil of St. Mary's Independent School (Southampton) in the 1960s, recently paid a return visit to his alma mater. He arrived - not in his robes (since he was out of his official District) - but carefully carrying a small well-worn leather box. It contained the precious chain of Office of the Mayor of Winchester. David spoke of his time at the school and made four heart-felt recommendations:


Don't waste your precious time at school; Take advantage of every opportunity; Don't allow self-doubt to stifle your dreams; and Be inspired to change the world.


His exam results didn't set the world on fire but his ambition was simple: he wanted to be a car salesman. This brought success;  but after a health scare he sought a less stressful occupation working in the renewable energy business and devoting time to charitable works. This eventually led him into local politics and he was duly elected a councillor. Last May he was voted 818th.Mayor. of the City; the second oldest mayoralty in England. By tradition he stands second only to the Lord Mayor of London in precedence of civic heads.


David took general questions before inviting groups of pupils to examine closely the Chain and Badge.



Focus on...Delia Hardiman

Delia Hardiman is Manager of Catholic Pastoral Services in Jersey

Delia retired as a Headteacher in December 2010 and since January 2011 became actively involved in the One Catholic Parish for the Island of Jersey, firstly as a Stewardship Co-ordinator and then managing Catholic Pastoral Services. Over the years this work has involved helping to co-ordinate Island wide Parish events such as the Mission in 2013, and the Called and Gifted Conference held in Jersey. Managing the Catholic Pastoral Services included co-ordinating language classes held at the Centre by Highlands College. These classes were first started by Monsignor Nicholas France, in 2002 who worked closely with Professor Ed Sallis, Head of Highlands College and today this partnership with Highlands College continues to extend the opportunities for the many diverse nationalities coming to live and work in Jersey. These classes have helped to empower all those who due to English being their second language were restricted in job opportunities. These classes continue to serve hundreds of students on a weekly basis.

Delia has been secretary for a number of groups including the Evangelisation Strategy Group, the St Helier Finance & Property Committee, Friends of St Thomas’ and Caritas Jersey. She is presently involved in co-ordinating the organisation of many special happy celebrations taking place in Jersey in 2018 including the Golden Jubilee and Farewell Mass for Monsignor Nicholas France, the retiring Catholic Dean.

Delia will be stepping down from her varied roles in September and is looking forward to a leisurely life style rather than actively ‘doing’.  She says: “I really am most grateful to have had the opportunity of being actively involved in the Catholic Parish in Jersey. It is a busy, lively Parish under the leadership of Monsignor Nicholas France and has been wonderful to play a part in its many developments. However, it won’t be long before I approach my 70th year and I know it is the right time to step down and leave open some opportunities for younger people to become involved and bring their new perspectives to the continual development of our Island Parish.”   


Diocesan Prayer Intentions

Each day of the year the liturgical calendar gives us a variety of seasons and celebrations of saints. These are outlined in the Diocesan Ordo along with a daily prayer for a diocesan intention. I would like to encourage you to add these intentions to your daily prayers.        

Sunday 6th May


Diocesan Prayer: Parish of St Laurence, Petersfield (consecrated 6.5.1933)


Monday 7th May 

of the 6th Week of Easter Mass

Diocesan Prayer: Diocesan Safeguarding Commission


Tuesday 8th May

of the 6th Week of Easter 

Diocesan Prayer: Parish of St Joseph, Tilehurst (dedicated 6.5.2003)


Wednesday 9th May

of the 6th Week of Easter Mass

Diocesan Prayer: Parish of Our Lady & St Edmund, Abingdon (consecrated 8.5.1958);

Channel Islands Liberation Day


Thursday 10th May

THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD, solemnity [Holyday of Obligation] 

Diocesan Prayer: Community of Our Lady, Fleet (consecrated 10.5.1977)


Friday 11th May

of the 6th Week of Easter

Diocesan Prayer: Diocesan Department for Clergy


Saturday 12th May

of the 6th Week of Easter

or: Ss Nereus & Achilleus, Martyrs, optional memorial

or: St Pancras, Martyr, optional memorial 

Diocesan Prayer: Portuguese Chaplaincies


Sunday 13th May


Diocesan Prayer: Diocesan Communications Office 


Forthcoming Events 

Saturday 12th May

"Lift up your hearts" - A Workshop for Singing the Mass

Holy Family, Redbridge Hill, Southampton

Read more


Saturday 12th May

Share the Journey - how to practically help refugees

St Edward the Confessor, Chandlers Ford

Read more


Saturday 12th May

Junior School Open Morning

Our Lady's Abingdon

Read more


Monday 15th May

Welcome to Worship in Avon Stour

Immaculate Conception & St Joseph Christchurch

Read more


Friday 18th - Saturday 19th May

Parish Renewal with Sherry Weddell

Basingstoke Country Hotel

Read more


Saturday 19th May

Rejoice in the Spirit 

Immaculate Conception, Southampton

Read more


Saturday 19th May

Alton Day of Renewal 

Alton Convent

Read more


Sunday 20th May

Pentecost Praise

St Patrick's Hayling Island

Read more


Friday 25th May

Peace and Justice in the Holy Land - A Christian Perspective

Sacred Heart, Fareham

Read more


Saturday 26th May

In Praise of Him - an evening of Sacred Music

St John's Cathedral Portsmouth

Read more


Saturday 26th May

Walk for Life in Portsmouth POSTPONED

It is with regret that we have to announce that the sponsored walk due to take place on Saturday 26th May has been indefinitely postponed due to illness in the organiser's family. Rosalie hopes that the event might be able to be rescheduled later in the year.


Saturday 26th May

Healing Prayer Workshop

St Joan of Arc, Farnham

Read more


Tuesday 12th - Friday 15th June

Spiritual Theology Conference

School of the Annunciation

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Read more


Saturday 16th June

Diocesan Day for Readers

St Bede's Basingstoke

Read more


Saturday 16th June

Divine Mercy for the Family Conference

Church of Our Lady Mother of the Church, Ealing Broadway

Read more


Saturday 30th June

Significant Wedding Anniversaries Mass

St Bede's Basingstoke

Read more


Wednesday 4th July
Feast day of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Celebration event at St Patrick's Soho
Read more


Monday 30th July - Thursday 2nd August

Spiritual Theology Conference

School of the Annunciation

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Read more


Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th August
St John Paul II Walking Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Read more


Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th August

Philosophy for Faith:  A four-day introduction to Catholic philosophy 

School of the Annunciation

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Read more


Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th August

Apologetics for the New Evangelisation 

School of the Annunciation

Buckfast Abbey, Devon

Read more


29th-30th September

Southampton Celebrate

St George Catholic College Southampton

Read more


18th—22nd October 2018

Catholic School Leaders’ Pilgrimage to Medjugorje

Read more



Job Opportunities  

Assistant Cook/Cleaner - Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, Fareham

8 hours per week over two days (Wednesday & Thursday). Based in Fareham with duties to include preparing a daily meal, general house cleaning and other domestic duties including ironing.


Applications closing date: Friday 18th May

Interviews to be held: w/c Monday 21st May

Anticipated start date: As soon as possible from May 2018 – details to be agreed with the successful candidate


Please pray for...

Peace in the world and for those who govern the nations that they may do so wisely and justly; for the peoples of Syria and Gaza and for a resolution of the multi-levelled conflicts involved. 


Vocations to all states of life and ministry in the Church, especially to the Sacred Priesthood, Diaconate and Religious Life.

All our students currently in formation for ordination and those responsible for their formation in the various seminaries in which they are based. 

All who are to be baptised and confirmed this Eastertide.


The work of the New Evangelisation across the diocese that we may all play our part in bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church.


The repose of the souls of all who have died recently and for all those killed through acts of warfare, violence, terrorism and natural disaster, for all departed clergy and people of the diocese and for all the Faithful Departed. Requiescant in pace.


Archbishop Cornelius and the clergy and people of our twin diocese of Bamenda, for an end to the troubles there.

The Unity of all Christians in doctrine, life and worship.

The Canonisation of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, Patron of our Youth.

The work of all Evangelisation Strategy Teams across our Diocese and the Holy Spirit's guidance on the formation of the new Diocesan Pastoral Council.

Those entering the "Called and Gifted" process and for the work of the Called & Gifted Team.

The work of our Marriage and Family Life Team.

All the sick clergy and people in our Diocese who are in need of our prayers.

All those suffering in the world through hunger, disease, persecution and natural disaster, for all refugees and victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

The work of the Apostleship of the Sea, Caritas Diocese of Portsmouth, Caritas Jersey, CAFOD and those with whom they work.


All the faithful of the Diocese that they may share their time and talents for the good of the Church and discern how God is calling them in a particular way to be more intentional disciples.   


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I often hear much Good News from many people - do share it with us so we can share it with others in the diocese.


Thanks, of course, to all who already contribute articles for the e-News on an occasional or regular basis.


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With all good wishes and an assurance of my prayers,
In Corde Iesu


Bishop of Portsmouth


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