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Could you help with this year's Pilgrimage to Lourdes?


2nd May 2017


Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes with Bishop Philip and the Catholic Association

Friday 18th- Friday 25th August 2017

Could you volunteer as an Adult helper for this year’s Pilgrimage?  Or perhaps you are a qualified Nurse or Doctor and would like to consider joining the Catholic Association Pilgrimage? 


Our Adult Helper application deadline is 1st June. Please contact Fr John Cooke or Mrs Clare Ryan on 01489 572797 or email  for information on helping, or contact them if you would like more information on joining the Pilgrimage this year, but not in a helper capacity.  


Each Assisted Pilgrim (A.P.) who travels to Lourdes has different needs and the support each A.P. receives from volunteer helpers, therefore, varies from straightforward companionship to full assistance from our medical team.  Any medical and specialised physical care needed by the A.P.s is provided by the qualified doctors and nurses who form an integral part of our pilgrimage, but the majority of our volunteer helpers are not medical professionals. All are welcome and all have an important contribution to make to the community that we form during our pilgrimage week. 


Any Adult can volunteer as a helper, subject to suitable references being received, the successful completion of the relevant D.B.S. checks, and a completion of a time of preparation ahead of travel.   There are limited childcare arrangements in place for the children of volunteer adult helpers.


In Lourdes you may be helping people move around Lourdes, normally by pushing a wheelchair, or assisting our Nurses and Doctors with the care of the guests in the Accueil (where we provide 24 hour care).  Or general housekeeping things like making bed, cleaning rooms and bathrooms, helping in the dining room (but not cooking), and keeping up the supply of tea and coffee.  Most importantly you will be providing companionship to fellow pilgrims throughout the week.


It is an uplifting and rewarding experience of putting your faith into action.  You will put yourself at the service of your brothers and sisters in Christ, facilitating a holiday/pilgrimage for them and quite simply, you will be helping to give them the trip of a lifetime.   


Please keep the Pilgrimage in your prayers.







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