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Fanning the Flame Reunion 2018


Sr Veronica, OP writes...


The FTF team welcomed a group of young people who wanted to get together once more after the summer camp. This time we had the luxury of sleeping in the warmth of the Priory (though not necessarily in comfortable beds i.e. beds with mattresses!!) Our group of 16, consisted of participants aged 11-18 from Southampton, Fleet, Bournemouth central England the Midlands and Devon. It was a delight to meet up again with old friends and there was no need for icebreakers, since everyone knew each other so well from camp. Our youngest participants aged 11 managed to win our recap Quiz by answering correctly 14 questions out of 30. Felix and Martin were stars! This team seemed to have gained a photographic memory of the Acts of the Apostles and the things we learnt about the Incarnation from the Catechism. Their enthusiastic responses amazed us all. Well done to both of you.


The theme for our weekend was to explore the idea of being a new creation as described by the prophet Ezekiel, St Matthew and St Paul. The film “Risen” provided a valuable backdrop to our spiritual reflections on this contrast of images which arise from this one scene of the Crucifixion. This gruesome scene can be portrayed with such beauty and hope by what we see in the apse in San Clemente. We followed this session with a craft session making paper maché “Trees of Life” to show the beauty and glory of the Cross. Following on from a time of small group Lectio we explored various passages, about how we have become a new creation in the Kingdom of heaven. We learnt that we are no longer slaves to sin and the ideals of the modern world but are created anew in the strength of the Holy Spirit to go out and proclaim the Good News to others. We explored what we mean by the Triumph of the Cross by looking at the wonderful mosaic from the Dominican Church of San Clemente in Rome.


We had an excellent Q&A session on Saturday in which some really deep and thoughtful questions were being asked about the Catholic faith and how we live the faith in our world today with all its expectations and difficulties. We had a spectacular firework display on Saturday night (Many thank to Ben Nichols for dodging in between the heavy rain showers to set it all up for us) followed by popular demand a viewing of “Sister Act”!


In between we were fed and watered by Sr. Julie and her team busy behind the scenes in the kitchen. The food was fabulous many thanks Sr. Julie. We mustn’t forget the ritual of Hot Chocolate which she also prepared each evening, as we relaxed to watch our films.

It was wonderful to have these young people join fervently in the prayer life of the sisters at Mass, Evening prayer, Adoration and Compline. These activities formed the core activity from which all the other activities flowed. Thus enabling us to enjoy faith, fellowship and fun together as young Catholic Christians.


Bookings for next year’s camp (19th-23rd August) will open in January watch this space and get in early to guarantee a slot.





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