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Teaching at Messy Church

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Invited to become an NFP Teacher
The Called and Gifted Process helped me to see Teaching in an entirely new perspective! It helped me to realise that God has given me a gift to help others become more aware of His love for them.
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Teaching from the heart and not from a text book
By way of background to this testimony, I was a primary school teacher for 25 years. I have to admit that latterly I did not really enjoy the job I was paid to do. I do not think at the time I was a particularly good teacher. I never felt energised by doing it and I often felt discouraged by the expectations others had of me. It was effectively a job to keep a roof over my head! I did however really enjoy the opportunity I had to teach RE with my pupils. It was at these lessons I felt most energised and at ease. I was teaching from the heart and not from a text book! I was not being forced to reach targets and deadlines.  
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