Comments on Teaching Presentations

"I found the initial teaching weekend both thought provoking and quite challenging"

“I had my eyes opened to the variety of charisms and opportunities to use them I loved learning about the charisms and how to interpret and understand them”

“I enjoyed meeting new people and discussing the teaching”

“The message was powerful and personal. I felt God speak to me directly”

“The fellowship and chats during the breaks were very valuable and I have more personal relationships with several parishioners”

“I feel it was the beginning of an individual discerning process and I am excited”

“I noticed many new things about aspects of my life” “I want to enhance my spiritual life and vocation and Called and Gifted will do this”

“I want to know the plan God wants me to accomplish in my life”

“I understand other people, including my priest, much better”

“I am very keen on exploring and using my whole potential”

“I want to learn about the gifts that I can give to others”

“The parish will be more successful now in serving others”




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