Comments on small Discernments Groups 

"In our small discernment group, my conclusion was that the most important thing for me was to try and be more outward looking towards everyone, regardless of faith or creed. I felt that I had often been far too insular and sometimes too complacent"

“Having the discipline of three meetings in which to “report back” on how I was testing my charism proved very helpful”

“I loved getting to know others, praying together and supporting each other”

“The discernment clarified what I am not required to do, or “ought to do”.  That is freedom and a joy!”

“I really enjoyed giving others in my group some ideas and working together on a new project”

“The group was very supportive and helpful as it listened to me talking about how I could put my faith into practice”

“I wanted to ask the Lord what He wanted me to do with this charism, but I was afraid to hear the answer.  By being with others I was able to have strength to try new things”

“Our group went very well.  Lovely, relaxed and informal atmosphere.  Everyone was very open and happy to share and there was lots of useful, helpful and supportive feedback”

“Everyone is definitely on a journey and having the process made us more focused and gave a sense of impetus.  We have decided we will continue to meet monthly.”

“Our group has been amazing!  to hear how God is working in other people’s lives has been a real privilege.  We have all gained much more courage to go out there and be braver in what we do for God.  Delightful …. well worth it … so positive …. too short”

“It was good to give affirmation of each other and I am grateful for the insights others gave me about my progress – often pointing out things which I had not recognised myself!  Each member brought different perspectives of their discernment process and different insights.”

“Openness and honesty were a strong feature and a strong recognition of the need to be open in prayer to the Spirit.  It was a great faith-sharing experience.”





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