Comments on one-to-one-conversations

“The whole conversation was such a blessing! I have thought that God wants to use me but this felt like concrete feedback that he really does. It is so humbling and such an honour. The interviewer was really helpful in helping me put all the pieces of information together. Her gentle manner put me at ease straightaway.”

“The conversation flowed freely. I felt able to discuss my thoughts and feelings. The interviewer had very good listening and encouragement skills.”

“The interviewer was fantastic and guided me gently through my potential charisms. Very powerful session.”

“I enjoyed it! I think it was valuable to have this opportunity to talk about me and my charisms in a non-judgemental way.”

“It was excellent to have a sounding board in thinking things through. There were surprises.”

“As a priest of the diocese I was affirmed by this experience”

“I was very happy to talk to the interviewer about my relationship with God. It was a very special conversation. I do not open myself to others in the way I spoke to her about how God is working in my life!




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