Share the faith in a way that draws others to become Jesus’ disciples and responsible members of his Church

People just come to me to talk about God & to draw closer to His Church. I don't go to them.
Beginning discernment: Is this a charism of evangelism or encouragement? or a gift mix of both?
We are all called to evangelisation, that is, to be carriers of the gospel message to others. But for some time now I have been discerning whether I have the charism of evangelism, being the gift of sharing the faith with others in a way that draws them to become disciples of Jesus. One of the indicators of the gift is being drawn to befriending non-Christians and people who are seeking more knowledge of Christianity and I can certainly feel that indicator in my current life. I cannot say that I was drawn to people in this way in my past life.  Read more
Feeling like one of God’s wayward & unconventional children yet reaching those outside the Church
I came to the C&G teaching weekend because I find that I need to keep searching for ways to develop my relationship with the Holy Spirit. I am constantly stumbling, and realise all too well my many failings and weaknesses, so have always felt that I am one of God's rather wayward and unconventional children, rather than one of the 'good' ones!
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Didn’t our hearts burn within us!
The Called and Gifted process has been hugely helpful to me as it has opened the way to safely explore the path God is laying out for me. It has helped me to recognise charisms which God has blessed for His specific purpose.
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