Quotes from conversations with priests after they have been through the Called and Gifted Process


“Initially I was not particularly looking at myself, that came later, but after taking the inventory , my eyes were opened: I started to understand where it seemed to be leading and where my charisms were pointing: I found it fascinating”


“I came away thinking - oh my golly these may be charisms, not simply skills that I have obtained over the years of doing”


“As I participated in the teaching weekend I thought “there could be something in this, this is consistent with what the church teaches”


“The teaching weekend became more powerful as it went on as I realised that this was about me”


“The one on one conversation was a natural extension of the teaching presentations. It confirmed my own reflections.”


“The priest, by identifying his charisms, can concentrate on those things that he is best placed to do and then he can be supported by a “data base” of the skills and talents of his parishioners”


“The process enables the people to have a greater understanding of their priests knowing that that they cannot expect him to perform out of the charisms that he hasn’t got”


“I began the weekend by thinking this is not terribly relevant to me but as it unfolded, Yes I am Baptised too and this is very relevant to me”


“C& G has enabled me to endeavour to be more intentional in everything that I do, particularly in relation to the charism I am discerning”


“An understanding of the charisms has helped me to be more effective and intentional in my priestly ministry. How I will be a disciple has changed. It has made a difference to my priesthood”


“As a result of this process, I will write to the Bishop and tell him of my charisms”


I signed up for a conversation and I was surprised at what I got out of it. In terms of my personal journey it was immensely helpful and continues to be so”


C& G should be an ongoing process if it is to be effective. It is not a stand-alone process”


“It would be great if all clergy did C&G in the way that it should be done”


“If a priest is instigating something he has to know what it is about. I found the weekend inspiring, friendly and very professional “


“Having done the questionnaire I thought to myself: these are just random questions but as I compared them to the chart the next morning it was mind-blowing. What I had answered was not causing concern but affirmation. Once I saw the answer sheet I was personally involved”


The one to one conversation was the best aspect of the whole process, gentle but discerning, not threatening but very useful”


“If you don’t understand the process, and if your people have got charisms, without the priest understanding you will be floundering. You need C&G for priests”


The whole process is important, certainly it has helped me to redirect and refocus my ministry as to what I should be doing. It has redefined my ministry”


“Unless the priests see the fruits of C&G in other priests, they are not going to buy into it”



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