A Seafarers’ Christmas Tree

On a recent ship-visit in the Port of Southampton Mr Peter Giles (Ship-visitor) and Fr John Lavers (Port Chaplain) encountered a unique a situation. The seafarers aboard this particular ship had no decorations for their tree.  


Although the seafarers were trying to make ready all the preparations before Christmas, they had nothing to put on their very plain-looking tree. Mr Peter Giles, from his many ship-visits in the past, was quick to offer the crew some helpful tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree if you have no decorations to start with….


Peter showed a picture of a Christmas tress which was decorated by another group of seafarers on another ship using only what was at hand.


From his detailed explanation, Peter used a photo he had taken last year of a decorated Christmas tree using only plastic bottles and other basic ship items to make a plain old looking tree become a beautiful Christmas tree, truly fit for the Season of Christmas.


The seafarers were overjoyed at the prospect of having a ‘real’ Christmas tree on their ship and stated ‘this year Christmas will be truly with us’.


The seafarers and their ship will be at sea on Christmas Day…..although all of the seafarers wished they could be back-home with their families at this time of year.


Please remember to pray for all the seafarers who are at sea, at anchor or in port on Christmas Day!


For more information on the Apostleship of the Sea- Stella Maris: 


Mr Peter Giles with seafarers
Christmas decorated using only plastic bottles and other basic ship items









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